Is your's a Pale imitation, or the real Deal?


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Production Road Car

This will be pretty much as it came off the production line. No significant modifications to the vehicle, mechanically and visually standard.

Modified Road Car from a performance tuning house such as Cosworth, Oettinger etc.

This will have started initially as a standard Production Road car. A specialist tuning company will have modified the car in various ways to create a performance enhanced vehicle. Modifications carried out could include engine, chassis, bodywork, etc.

"Inspired by"

This car will have been "inspired by" one (or possibly more) persons imagination, aspiration, or dream. It may have one or more themes going on at the same time. The theme may be based on one or more cars, or may be just a general kind of rally theme with just stickers and spotlights.
"Tribute car"

A tribute car is likely to be a standard production car that has been painted to superficially resemble a specific works or privateer rally car.
The interior may have been removed to be replaced with competition seats and harnesses. Often a "toy" cage is fitted (basic bolt in cage, suitable for visual display,  track days, etc.). However, the vehicle will lack the necessary modifications that will allow it to pass scrutiny, and therefore not be eligible to enter Stage Rally events.It should therefore not be referred to as a "rally car".


A Replica rally car is a replica of a specific rally car, and as such it should match the original vehicle as closely as possible.
Ideally, the vehicle should be at least a 95% copy of the original vehicle. This should also include the safety modifications (roll cage, fire extinguisher system, etc.) that match or exceed those fitted to the original car, and the car should therefore be able to pass rally scrutiny to the same degree as the original car.

Some Replica's have been built to exactly replicate the original car, and certain unscrupulous owners have either claimed the replica to be the original vehicle, or have implicitly created such an illusion by failing to point out that their vehicle is not actually the original vehicle.
It is therefore important that the owners of replicas make clear that their vehicle is not the original.